Maple Council Brother Knights members of the 2018 Golf Tournament committee.
St. David’s Parish in Maple, Ontario

Upcoming Council Meetings

2nd Tuesday of the month:
    Tuesday, Sep. 18/18 (Revised)
    Wednesday, Oct. 10/18 (Revised)
    Tuesday, Nov. 13/18
    Tuesday, Dec. 11/18
Executive Board Meeting @ 7:30 pm
St. David’s Church meeting room 1
3rd Tuesday of the month:
   Monday, Sep. 24/18 (Revised)
   Tuesday, Oct. 23/18 (Revised)
   Tuesday, Nov. 20/18
   Tuesday, Dec. 18/18
Council Dinner @ 6:30 pm.
Council Meeting @ 7:30 pm.
St. David’s Church Hall


Council Grand Knight: Bro. Mario Di Donato, SK
Council Deputy Grand Knight: Bro. Denis Bizzotto, SK
Council Past Grand Knight: Bro. Fausto Sacchetti


A Brief Council History

Our council was formed on the 13th of March, 1995 with 31 charter members. Our past Grand Knight Bro. Carlo Osellame with the support of his 2 sons, Paul and Marc, and several friends began recruiting for a council that he believed would serve the needs of a growing community in Maple.

The Catholic congregation of St. David Parish was and is rich with energetic men, young and old, who are deeply committed to the community of Maple. Bro. Carlo recognized a core of “brothers” as being those who were already involved in all aspects of community life in Maple and proceeded to plant the idea of local council. Happily, he discovered that several of the recruits had been members of other councils. This was a boom to the birth of the council as it would provide a strong foundation of veteran brothers on which to build upon. Bro. Carlo also recognized the need to bring youth into the mix with the help of his two sons, a core of young men was added to the charter to complete the formation of the Maple’s Council.

Bishop Clune Council of the Knights of Columbus, is an extremely active club organizing a variety of community minded events including the Walk for life, Wine & Cheese Dinner, Golf Tournament, OctoberFest, BasketBall Free-Throw, Family Pasta-Night with special presentations to the past Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight. Proceeds from these events support many worthy local and international causes. Plans are well underway for the busy school Bar B Q, season involving hundreds of children, parents and school officials.

In Service To One In Service To All

2601 Major MacKenzie Dr, Maple, ON L6A 1C6 - (905) 832-5595